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Short Description

Šilopaj (Shilopay) is a local community unit in Central Serbia, which consists of four separate hamlets. The area is in demographic decline and today numbers 120 households, living in traditional rural way of life. Descendants of residents and retired people started the process of returning here to live in light activity, simple rural life, producing healthy food, without disrupting the natural balance. The NGO “Šilopajska panorama” develops small educational programs for agricultural development, mostly in cattle breeding and fruit growing, collects the stories and legends, recipes of old dishes and indigenous spirits, organizes simmer manifestation and contest of making stew, all in cooperation with local tourist organization, local administrative unit, the Orthodox church and Hunters society.

What is special

The area in and around Šilopaj (Shilopay) village, has beautiful landscapes, healthy natural environment, diverse flora and fauna. It is suitable for fishing, leisure and other activities. There is a project in converting abandoned trail of former narrow-gauge railway in a greenway, suitable for walking and cycling. The area has a large number of vantage points with stunning panoramic views. There are several records - the old oak trees (“zapis”), which replaced the lack of churches in the past. They are monuments of nature with strong religious role. The NGO “Šilopajska panorama” tries to reestablish “Misa” an archaic form of today's stand up comedy or naive theater performances, a very creative and literate comic-satirical articles about the locals, their habits, sins and successes. They organize and arrange the rural “slava”, celebration of the village patrons, a Serbian custom which is on the UNESCO intangible heritage list.

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