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Monte Isola

Short Description

Territorial features

Monte Isola is the most extended inhabited island of the european lakes. It is also a green mountain in the middle of Iseo Lake and one of the most beautiful Italian village, recognized from the Italian law as an area of particular interest for its cultural and natural heritage.

The Municipality is divided into in eleven hamlets. Each of them represents a specific microcosm, both in terms of cultural and environmental heritage. This provides a plural territorial identitythat reflects in different lifestyles and routines despite the proximity of inhabited centre.

Beyond the cultural, architectural and landscape heritage, mobility is a local peculiarity: Monte Isola is closed off to cars enhancing a multi-modal approach to transportation with alternative vehicles, also on water.

By the architectural side, the island offers a number of ancient villages that defines the original social structure and that today represent an opportunity for functional and aesthetic regeneration projects. Moreover, by the environmental side, its geo-morphological conformation interchanges species from the Mediterranean and Alpine habitats facilitating some specific farming such as the olive, an icon of local agriculture and food offer.

Also local traditions are influenced by the landscape and natural element: fishing, net and nautical fabrications are typical production sectors that have historically supported the local economy in which women have ever played a strategic role.

Local development strategies

To optimize the great territorial potential, the Municipality of Monte Isola and its partner InPatto Locale S.r.l.s. – a private local development agency – have launched an integrated development process based on the enhancement of local qualities and on the renewal of the tourism offer in a ustainable and integrated perspective.

The strategic axis on which to work came to light after a preliminary survey enhancing endogenous resources and introducing external interest to activate actors of different nature – public and private, profit and non-profit.

Based on a shared vision of territory’s future, which identifies Monte Isola as a land “enhanced through a widespread network of tourist services that deliver an authentic augmented visiting experience locally generating social and economical benefits”, the survey has identified seven fields for innovation investments:

Cultural Innovation
Culture and Creative-Cultural Businesses as a strategic incentive for regeneration processes launch. Historical Heritage Requalification
Restoration of the historical-architectural heritage through unreleased residential and culturallaboratorial functions. Sustainable Mobility
Zero impact intermodal system to reduce environmental impact of mobility. Wellness and Wellbeing
Healthy as a strategic concept on which to build new functional mixes and to enhance typical productions optimizing the environmental features. Spread accommodation system
Real Estate heritage reuse and restore to increase accommodation offer and to join new touristic niches. Business Innovation New business and organizational models to support Research & Development activities in the existing firms, by one side, and to relaunch the local economy working with new generations to strenghten their entrepreneurial culture. Spread touristic services
Territorial storytelling to offer a more immersive visiting experience, supporting discovery to collect strategic data in different sectors.

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