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Almaški kraj
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Almaški kraj

Short Description

Almaški kraj (Almaš Quartet) is small urban settlement within the City of Novi Sad. It is semi urban/semi rural neighborhood, with irregular street grid, single houses with gardens, protected as urban heritage zone. This is not small independent urban settlement, but small and very specific part of the city centre, surrounded by the modern structures, which resists the aggressive socio-economic influences from adjacent blocks.

What is special

The greatest value of this nominated area is strong civil activism of local inhabitants, organized and united in the The NGO Almašani (People from Almaš Quarter), with the idea to preserve their environment. They say that their quarter supplies both traditional and modern living and work inside the traditional semi-rural ambient. This group of neighbors succeeded to persuade the city administration officials to reject the detailed regulation plan of the area, which foresaw the break through of the big boulevard straight through the area. One of the plans for the future is to establish the local cultural centre inside the abandoned industrial facility, with cultural programs, workshops and cafeteria. The NGO Almašani manifested the strong desire to introduce their living area to the ENtopia program and actively participate it together with partners who support it: the local administration unit and the elementary school in the neighborhood.

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