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Belo Blato
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Belo Blato

Short Description

Belo Blato village in the Pannonian plane in the Banat region is a multiethnic settlement without dominant ethnic group, a little bit aside from regular economic and demographic trends. It is also the last village on the road, surrounded by big rivers of Danube and Tisa, fish farm ponds, system of defensive dikes and swamps of protected special natural reserve Stari Begej-Carska bara, which is under high level of protection, with limited tourist capacities and also an Improtant Bird Area, IBA area.

What is special

Inhabitants cherish national and religious diversity and coexistence. They have kept knowledges, experience and skills in producing traditional agricultural products, while the cultivation and production of reed is famous within the country and abroad. Reed is good material for covering rooftops, specially as isolating material. The village became the informal, unofficial national centre for educating people how to construct and cover their roofs with this beautiful organic material. People also restored raising the forgotten local sort of swine mangalitsa. Several years ago, the community established and build the ethno-courtyard and visitor`s centre with a house, economic building and covered marquee for lectures and workshops. All houses are covered with reed. The local school in Belo Blato, as the founder of ethno-courtyard, the local community unit, tourist society, Club of women and "Carska bara" Foundation are interested to participate the ENtopia program in their village. This unique and unusual village have big plans to develop programs of rural-ethno tourism, school excursions, education in nature and visits of nearby nature reserve.

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