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Georgia Squares of Dublin
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Georgia Squares of Dublin

Short Description

This Project is about revitalising communities in and around the remarkable Squares of Dublin, created as part of the plans of ambitious city leaders in the 17th Century and continued by wealthy landlord developers in the 18th and 19th Centuries. The centre of Dublin has evolved into a modern capital city, whilst at the same time holding onto its inner city districts and communities. The retention of much of the fabric has depended on their use over the last fifty years for commercial offices. The project seeks to engage the local communities in restoring Mounty Square in particular to its former use as a park, whilst retaining the landscape and architectural quality of the spaces as symbolic and useful centres of recreation for local people, and aiming to confirm the communities’ aspirations, already set out in their aims, which are included in the website study.  

What is special

The architecture of the Georgian City of Dublin is one of Europe’s most significant 18th century urban design achievements. The city arrived at a systematic method of controlling development (the Wide Streets Commission), which is still a viable model for urban design. However the impact of the twentieth century, when further growth of Dublin was unprecedented, put pressure on the inner-­‐city communities to move over to accommodate growing business users for whom the elegant Georgian squares and streets were extremely attractive. Now, public use of the spaces is seen as an empowering channel for local communities to have a stake in their own future. This project presents an optimistic, altruistic plan for community involvement in and around the squares of Dublin.  

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