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Short Description

Amorgos is the most south-easterly island of the Cyclades. It has been inhabited since the prehistoric era, was divided into three separate city states in ancient times and has many archaeological sites. Main settlements of Amorgos are Chora, Aigiali, Langada and Tholaria. Chora, the capital of Amorgos, is a medieval mountain village with a 13th century Venetian castle. Langada is one of three picturesque nothern villages above Aigiali Bay. Tholaria is another such mountain village, surrounded by mountains and with beautidul footpaths. The area from Langada village to the island’s northern tip is a protected area, part of the Natura 2000 network. Well known for its rich flora and medicinal plants Amorgos, may have got its name from a flower of that name, used in ancient times. Surrounded by clean blue and tranquil water with a variety of sandy, pebble and rocky beaches, Amorgos is a swimmer’s paradise even in late autumn.

What is special

The Monastery of Panagia Hozoviotissa, founded in 1017 by monks fleeing persecution in Palestine, is one of the oldest in the Aegean. Refounded in 1088 it hangs on a cliffside 300 metres above the sea. Amorgos has a dense network of footpaths and is attractive to ramblers. It is wild and beautifull with steep hills that fall precipitously into the sea. Amorgos is an island of remarkable continuity. The area around the tower of Ayia Triada, of the fourth century BC, whose restoration received an European Union/Europa Nostra Award in 2010, has remains of every century starting from the sixth century BC until our own day. The water oracle of Saint George Valsamitis operated until 1956 and predicted, among others’, the future career both of the island’s present Mayor and its devoted archaeologist, who restored the Tower of Aghia Triada. A study by ELLINIKI ETAIRIA has identified no fewer than 2000 agricultural monuments on the island.

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