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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to register?

You need to be an authorised member of a local community group or a local authority, commune or municipality. National and local environmental and conservation groups may apply on behalf of small towns and villages, including the national association in the country representing Europa Nostra. Professionals working with towns and villages may act as agents, with their consent. Contact us if you are unsure about eligibility.

What is needed to complete the Application Form?

The application process is not intended to be onerous, but should engage the local community. It is not necessary to duplicate town or village plans already completed, but you will need to distill the aspirations into a manageable set of objectives and actions. Please copy and attach, or include website addresses for published information to give an adequate basis for assessment. It will be necessary for you to follow the structure of the Manual, and order your information in the sections indicated in the manual.

Will someone from Europa Nostra contact me?

Yes. In the first stages it will be to acknowledge receipt of your registration and to inform you of a local contact if there is one available. As you proceed with the application we will keep in touch as necessary until your application is complete. You may wish to use the Europa Nostra Community Support Team for advice and training, subject to regional availability and at a cost which will be based on a moderate time charge, agreed in advance. We would expect this to be between one and four days. Your local LEADER, local authority or Chamber of Commerce may help with training costs.

What conditions are attached to being awarded the Europa Nostra Banner?

We award the banner for a three year period based upon an agreement to work towards improvements identified on your application. We reserve the right to withdraw the banner and website entry if, in the opinion of Europa Nostra, the town or village is not making adequate progress at the end of the three year period.

Will I have to pay anything?

Yes, the project needs to be self sufficient in the long term. We will seek payment once you have a presence on the website and when your Future Sustainable Vision of your Place is completed. We seek a minimum contribution, which constitutes ENtopia membership of Europa Nostra, of €200 for villages of up to 5,000 population. For larger applications of Places of 5,000 – 15,000 population we are seeking €900 over three years, or €300 each year. A modest charge, agreed first, would be made if you choose to call on the local EN Community Support Team. There may be opportunities for assistance with the charges.